If you have or know of a child you would like to recommend to Timber Ridge, please call our Admissions Coordinator, Grace Maxwell, at (704)279-1199 extension 202, fax (704)279-7668, or email gracemaxwell@trtc.net.


Requirements for admission


Timber Ridge Treatment Center provides a distinctive milieu to address various treatment issues with youth and families.

In assessing appropriateness for admission, our Treatment Team considers:

Prior treatment history,

Group Availability (do we have an opening)

And the following criteria must be met:

  1. Males ages 12-17,

  2. Intellectual/cognitive abilities (fsiq=70+)

  3. Physical abilities to function in vigorous “outdoor” activities

  4. As well as a range of diagnostic issues (but not including detoxification, the medical need to prevent harm to self or others or at high risk to sexually offend).

If you are interested in referring a youth or have questions about the program, please contact Grace Maxwell, our Admissions Coordinator, to initially discuss youth’s clinical history, current treatment needs, contract, current openings, etc. 

Following our discussion, if the youth is appropriate to be considered for the program, you will receive a Referral packet including a list of information (see below) which is needed for the Timber Ridge Treatment Team to assess youth for further placement consideration. Referral packets may be submitted to our Admissions Assistant, Lauren Plyler at 704-279-7668 (fax) or laurenplyler@trtc.net.

Following a review of the Referral information, a site tour/interview with our staff, youth and guardian may be scheduled or other options recommended.

  1. Once you have completed the clinical conversation with our Admissions Department, they will send you the application/referral packet.  

  2. Along with the 4-page TRTC Referral or MCO Universal Application form, the following information will also be needed once you have completed the clinical conversation:

  • Youth’s name

  • Person completing Referral with name, title, agency, address, phone/fax numbers, email address

  • Psychological Evaluation with IQ testing (preferably current within 1 year)

  • Social History/Treatment and/or Placement History

  • Comprehensive Clinical Assessment (recommending Level III services)

  • Discharge Summaries from prior placements

  • Current Medication (if applicable)/Diagnosis (from PCP)

  • Court Information (if applicable, see page 3 of Referral)

  • Copy of Psychiatric Evaluation (if applicable)

  • Copy of Psychiatric Hospitalization Discharge Summaries (if applicable)

  • Copy of Risk Assessment (Psychosexual Assessment, J-SOAP II, ERASOR, CESH as applicable)

  • Name/address/phone of most recent school and status (grade, EC student, 504-Plan, etc.)

  • Mandatory copy of physical exam/TB test (completed within 6 months of admission to the program)


  • MCO (local Mental Health organization/agency)

  • Financial Arrangements: Private pay, State Funds (identify agency), DSS (identify county/agency), Medicaid/HealthChoice#, Insurance (note: private insurance may only cover a few days of residential treatment placement) or other contract/funding arrangement.